The Power Of Colors

I read an interesting article these days and I want to share with you reworked on my blog:

What reflects the color of your clothes?!

Navy Blue


  • means loyalty, trust, leadership and tranquility
  • you can seem very conservative and uncreative
  • use it in job interviews

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  • formality and neutrality
  • can be interpreted as depressive, with lack of energy or confidence
  • use it whenever you want to see yourself sophisticated

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  • warmth, kindness, joy and positivity
  • it can be very overwhelming if you use it excessively
  • take it when you want to attract attention

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  • calm, renovation, wealth and balance
  • it may seem little formal or not serious
  • use it if you are a leader in a project and you need to show your creativity

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  • credibility and stability
  • it can make you look a little careless
  • use it when you need to transmit information

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  • fun, positivity and abundance
  • may become confused with immaturity and frivolity
  • use it when you need to get attention

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  • opening, innocence and organization
  • you may seem distant
  • use it when you need to nonstarter neutral or when starting new projects

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  • authority and power
  • can be misinterpreted as being a high-handed, distant and mysterious person
  • use it when you need to be taken seriously

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  • loyalty, wealth, power, wisdom and sensitivity
  • you can seem very arrogant or artificial
  • use it when you want to look modern or for a very formal event

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  • energy, strength, courage and power
  • is confused with sensuality, aggression and confrontation
  • use it whenever you want to close a deal or business

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What is your power color?!

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