Positano Streetstyle

Sometimes you don´t need so much in your life. Just a walk, a smile, a simple gesture and we are happy. These beautiful streets of Positano, Italy inspired me and remembered me about the real values in my life. What are really important for us in our life?

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Copy&Paste: Zara Swimsuit, Straw Bag, Scarf; Oysho Pants; H&M Hat; Superga Trainers; Ray Ban Sunglasses.

Hidden treasure in Salerno

There are just some places that I would never known about and there are simply beautiful and also known for a lot of people for a specific event that takes place there occasionally. It is the same with Villa Rufolo

The German opera composer Richard Wagner visited the villa in 1880. He was so overcome by the beauty of the location that he imagined the setting as the garden of Klingsor in the second act of Parsifal. In commemoration, every year the lower garden of Villa Rufolo hosts a Wagnerian concert.


Tourists visit not just because of the artistic side of the place but also for the beautiful views that provides on the coast.


The fauna is also breathtaking. I would also recommend for unique wedding pictures this place. The colors are just perfect and gives the good light from each side.



Kisses :*



Copy&Paste: Diesel Top; Oysho Pants; Superga Trainers; Zara Bag; H&M Hat



The Power Of Colors

I read an interesting article these days and I want to share with you reworked on my blog:

What reflects the color of your clothes?!

Navy Blue


  • means loyalty, trust, leadership and tranquility
  • you can seem very conservative and uncreative
  • use it in job interviews

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  • formality and neutrality
  • can be interpreted as depressive, with lack of energy or confidence
  • use it whenever you want to see yourself sophisticated

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  • warmth, kindness, joy and positivity
  • it can be very overwhelming if you use it excessively
  • take it when you want to attract attention

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  • calm, renovation, wealth and balance
  • it may seem little formal or not serious
  • use it if you are a leader in a project and you need to show your creativity

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  • credibility and stability
  • it can make you look a little careless
  • use it when you need to transmit information

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  • fun, positivity and abundance
  • may become confused with immaturity and frivolity
  • use it when you need to get attention

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  • opening, innocence and organization
  • you may seem distant
  • use it when you need to nonstarter neutral or when starting new projects

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  • authority and power
  • can be misinterpreted as being a high-handed, distant and mysterious person
  • use it when you need to be taken seriously

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  • loyalty, wealth, power, wisdom and sensitivity
  • you can seem very arrogant or artificial
  • use it when you want to look modern or for a very formal event

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  • energy, strength, courage and power
  • is confused with sensuality, aggression and confrontation
  • use it whenever you want to close a deal or business

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What is your power color?!

Rosso Relativo

Travel, experience and explore places in this world can be one of the most enjoyable things to do in this life. 

You dont´t need a bag full of money and expensive things to get these things. Friends come and go, memories remain. There are joyful and sad moments. Confused or knowing directly where you are heading for. 

What I want just to share are one of my beautiful experiences from this summer. A beautiful sunny summer day with high temperatures that make also your brain melt but with an escape with the boat, on the sea, with the breeze into your face you forget everything and you recharge your batteries.

Photo 19.08.18, 19 43 59

Photo 19.08.18, 18 59 28

Photo 19.08.18, 18 59 32

Photo 19.08.18, 19 44 14

Photo 19.08.18, 19 43 36

Places where I passed: Campania, Italy

Photo 19.08.18, 18 59 29

Copy&Paste: Ray Ban Sunglasses; SuiteBlanco Red Dress; Superga Sneakers; Celine Trio Bag

Valentino Rockstud Totes Rock

To be honest I was hypnotized from the first time when I saw years ago this model from Valentino. There has something unique that I never got to find in other models after. The quality of the leather is high, the spikes are shiny and light.

My favorite is and always remains the black one with the gold spikes. It is a classic and it worth to invest in it.

It is expensive?! Yes, but not exaggerated. And if you want a daily bag, to pass your things inside and also just wear it comfortably, than this is your bag!

I would really like to hear also your opinion about: It is already out of style? They are not so ‘safe’? It doesn’t worth the price? … I really would be thankful!